Diary of a Mad (Puerto Rican) Mother

It's time once again to reflect on the "madness" that is motherhood. No roses are red, violets are blue for me. I know I am not the only mother with a touch of locura. I have plenty of company.

You belong to the same club if:

• You put an azabache manita protectora or charm to ward off evil spirits on you newborn. Agúzate que te están tirando.

• You cook rice with every meal. Arroz blanco, arroz amarillo, arroz con gandules...

• You clean with Fabuloso or if your old school with Pine Sol. You blast the salsa and dance with the mop, broom or vacuum.

• You check in on your own mother several times a week. Sí, mommy...

• You don't want your children too far from you (old school), but check their wings and let them fly (new school).

• You know the meaning of chancleta and so do your children. If you're new school, you use "time out" but keep the chancleta on ice...

• You taught your children to love El Gran Combo and Will.I.Am.

• Your kids think you're cool because you rock to Calle 13 and Don Omar.

•  You know what tongonear is and how to do it to your children, and your kids love it.

• And lastly, when your child says, "I hate you! You're ruining my life," you smile and say, "Ay, mija..."

I leave you with a few motherly words by Spanish singer-composer, and one my favorite artists, Alejandro Sanz:

...No hay amor como este mío
No hay distancia que esté lejos
Desde lejos nos queremos...

¡Feliz Día de las Madres!

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Millie said...

Thank you for sharing. We do the very same things our mothers did and now we see our daughters doing them as well.