Sweetheart Deal or No Deal?

Most people put a lot of thought into the Valentine’s Day gift they’ll give their sweetheart. And good thing, too. New research indicates that your gift can leave a lasting bad impression.

Shared experiences such as vacations, dinner, the theater and other time special time spent together can lead to more long-term happiness than the offering of a material gift, according to a news item posted in Science Daily based on a study published in the Journal of Consumer Research. Of course, that’s provided the experience is a positive one.

The effects of a “poor experience” can lead to long-lasting unhappiness compared with a bad material gift. Let’s just say if you take your baby skydiving and she’s afraid of heights, she may be pretty unhappy about that for a long, long time to come. Given the vast reservoir in which women’s memories are stored, imagine how long she’ll be reminding you of that terrible experience.


On the other hand, if you give your corazón the cliché box of bonbones, well that can be forgiven—and improved upon. Easily.

“Experiences 'stay with' us longer than material purchases, whether good or bad. They simply have more lasting power over our happiness,” according to the article.

The article suggests you play it safe by giving your loved one a material gift. I’m not sure I agree with that. That’s a little too cautious. If you pride yourself in really knowing your cherie amour, then I’m sure you can think of plenty of things she’d like to do about which she’s dropped H-bomb size hints over the years.

If only you had listened.


Andres Cisneros Enriquez said...

what do you think about love in these days, I means, real Love ?

Maria T. Padilla said...

I think real love takes a lot of work. Not everyone is willing to go the distance.